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Learning foreign languages is about systematicity, logic, your effort, and our creativity and ability to ignite your desire!
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It's wonderful that talented and entrepreneurial women, such as Sophie Monique, showcase remarkable abilities. She has launched centers in Dubai and Moscow, providing unique opportunities for language learning and diverse additional directions. The center's programs are results-oriented, assisting clients in achieving their goals. Sophie Monique, proficient in seven languages, successfully combines this with her creative career.

She notes that English and Chinese languages are particularly popular. For Eastern residents, an express course in Arabic is also offered to establish connections from the very beginning!
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And assessment with a unique development track.
Sophie Monique
In organizing the center's operations, I approach it as I would for my own children. I scrutinize dozens of teachers to find the right fit. I study all available teaching methodologies to compile the best. I design an interior that is pleasant to be in and select furniture that is comfortable to work with.

I have been teaching English for the past 15 years and am intimately familiar with the challenges of modern school education: teachers struggle to engage children, learning programs are chaotic and often replaced by printouts from the internet, and additional tutoring leads to endless solving of homework for parents' money. The center is created to address these issues. We have gathered the best learning programs under one roof and will do everything to provide our students with the best school education.
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The idea is that students can enjoy language learning without sacrificing life's small pleasures during classes
We safeguard the comfort of our students and do not disclose their failures or successes without permission
Here you can feel comfortable and learn a foreign language with a cup of tea or coffee)
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